One of the 46 villages in Zagorochoria. It's built at a high of 800 meters.

One of the most popular destinations

throughout the year.

The village

Kipoi village is one of the 46 villages in Zagorochoria and in modern times it was the center of Zagori. It belongs to Tymfi Municipality and it is built at a high of 800 meters. This is one of the oldest settlements in the region and has a unique natural beauty, with the colors alternating and the landscape changing as the seasons pass during the year.

Admiring the scenery, visitors will see nature once “dressed” with warm red and bright yellow colors in autumn, imposing whites in winter and green in spring and summer. The beautiful forests of Zagori changes day by day, giving each a different picture.

Kipi, is one of the most popular destinations throughout the year, offering access to countless activities and attractions covering totally and completely the wishes of its guests.

Walk lovers

A key feature of the region is the arched bridges, which create in the region a distinctive identity that combines nature and human intervention!

In Kipi you will find cobbled streets, stone houses, the clock and the tall bell tower, the St. Nicholas Church and the marvelous museum of Agapios Tolis with the wonderful folklore collection.

You can visit also: the deserted monastery of Agia Paraskevi in ​​Monodendri, St. John Rogovou in Tsepelovo, Kolimpithres, located between Small and Big Papigo villages Skamneli, Vrisohori and Laista, overlooking the Camel and Smolikas.

Nature lovers

Nature lovers can take a stroll through the beautiful forests and rivers in Gyftokambos in Laista in Vovousa. Moreover, you should not miss a visit to Vikos Gorge or Drakolimni lake at 2,500 m. Altitude.

  • Walk in the riverbed that forms Voidomatis Vikos and is an ideal excursion spot for every season.
  • Explore the Vikos canyon.
  • Walk the old paths around the villages and admire the unique and the arched stone bridges.
  • Enjoy the summer days with your favorite activities like Rafting in Voidomatis, canyoning in Vradeto, riding in Big Papigo, hiking in Voidomatis, crossing with 4X4 in Zagoria, crossing Vikos Gorge, hiking in the ladder Vradeto etc.

For gourmets and connoisseurs

The Ioannina cuisine is famous for its delicious recipes and local dishes! Rich flavors, you can try both in Kipi and in other districts of Ioannina. From Ioannina cuisine the dishes that stand out are the pies of Zagori (flour pie, pie, meat pie), grilled meals, the meat soup and frumenty etc.

Do not forget to purchase excellent local products like fresh milk, local Epirus wines, homemade sweets, jams, liqueurs, honey from mountain wildflowers, mountain tea and oregano.

Cultural events

In Kipi there are important cultural events and festivals organized every year:

On the 6th of August you can visit the traditional festival for the feast of the Transfiguration of Christ.

On the 8th of September it is organized the traditional festival for the birthday of the Virgin.

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